Sioux & Alex Across the Multiverse

Same Kids, Different Earths

In our travels across the multiverse, we've encountered one constant on many Earths: stories about a boy named Sioux and a girl named Alex. These stirring tales of danger, heroism and fart jokes may be set on vastly different worlds, but in each, Sioux and Alex always stay the same. More or less.

We read these on most every episode. Here’s what’s goin’ down:

Ginormous: Son of a Bunyan
(American tall tales just got real)
Appears in “This Week” eps 1, 5, 9

(Teenage vampires in space)
Appears in “This Week” eps 2, 6, 10

Battle of the Bigfoot
(Cryptozoological mayhem in the Weird West)
Appears in “This Week” eps 3, 7, 11

When Monsters Attack
(Aliens rain on Earth’s post-apocalyptic parade)
Appears in “This Week” eps 4, 8, 19